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Is Your Brand at Risk of Missing the Social Commerce Revolution?
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Establishing a business presence on social media has become a primary focus for companies large and small across practically every industry in existence. However for businesses that utilize eCommerce platforms to execute sales transactions online through their websites and affiliates, up until now there has always been a barrier preventing them from reaching their full sales potential on social media.

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Quitting Your Job

Before you tell your boss to shove it and hightail out of the work place, you should make sure that you definitely want to quit your job. The current job market is still tough. Depending on your situation (family, bills, what you have in savings), just disliking your job may not be reason enough to quit unless you have another job waiting for you. However, there are some reasons to quit a job, regardless of whether you have another job lined up. 

It should also be noted that if you do decide to leave your workplace, either due to the work environment or because of poor upper management, you may want to be strategic with how you quit as you don’t want to burn any bridges (though of course sometimes it just feels good to lay out the cards as seen in the video below…)


Without further ado, if you’re at the crossroads trying to decide on ‘should I quit my job’, then take a look at some of the reasons below for why you should answer ‘yes’.

1. New Job

This is of course the greatest reason to be able to have for quitting your job. If you’ve already lined something up, make sure that you’ve confirmed the offer and then give your current boss enough notice so that you don’t leave on a bad note.

2. Difficult Work Environment

If you’re bosses or co-workers are turning your work environment into a downer, it’ll only make your job that much more difficult. Studies have shown that a great work environment has a positive impact on people, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that a negative environment only makes the job more difficult. If you’ve tried other options such as trying to move to another part of the office building or speaking to the appropriate people about their behavior without things changing, then it’s time to make a decision to leave. Check out how to leave a difficult workplace and move on.

3. Schedule

If you’re work schedule has you working long nights or is constantly being switched around making it difficult to adjust or enjoy an outside life, then it may be time to quit your job to find one that’s more accommodating to your schedule. 

4. Higher Degree

If you’re contemplating going back to school, even if it’s only on a part-time basis, you may need to consider a new job as your current work situation might not be conducive to your goals of attaining a higher degree. Speak with your employers and let them know about your goals for going back to school to see if they can accommodate your future school schedule - if not, then it may be time to quit. 

5. You Hate Your Job.

Just because you hate your job, it might not be time to quit. You should strategically plan the way you quit so that you’re not scrambling to find another job.

In the end, just follow your instincts - it’s great for when you’re deciding on whether to take on a new job as well as figuring out whether you should quit your current one. 

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Each day, consumers are voluntarily posting vital information about their likes and dislikes on social media sites. If this data can be captured and adequately organized, businesses can have at their disposal the exact information they need to improve their marketing efforts.
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Each day, consumers are voluntarily posting vital information about their likes and dislikes on social media sites. If this data can be captured and adequately organized, businesses can have at their disposal the exact information they need to improve their marketing efforts.

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Big data strategies: How to measure the ROI big data brings to your business | ITProPortal.com
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As businesses start to implement big data platforms, a common problem is figuring out how to measure the return on investment. MapR’s Michele…

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Great article discussing the necessity to figure out what problem you’re trying to solve by using big data prior to figuring out what the ROI is.

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3 Content Marketing Ninjas Reveal Their Secrets

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Three Content Marketing Ninjas Reveal Their Secrets!

My live blog of a session at the Raleigh SEO Meetup with +Casie Gillette of KoMarketing…

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Turn Numbers into Actionable Information with These Helpful Data Analytics Strategies - Business 2 Community →

Big data has multiple uses in every industry, from analyzing larger volumes of data than previously possible to driving more precise answers. With the overwhelming amount of information that’s now available, it’s important that businesses figure out what to look for so that the data they’re mining can be turned into real actionable knowledge.

Get three strategies that can help with turning the data you gather into actionable information.

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Facebook and Social Media Strategy | Social Media Today

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Is it time for you to close your Facebook brand page? Here are three important things to consider
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It seems like everyone is jumping on the social media train, particularly with Facebook, but that doesn’t mean your business should follow. Facebook is becoming less accommodating to SMBs, so before  you sign up or if you already have a Facebook business page, here are three questions to ask to see if you should continue your marketing efforts there.

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Are You Using This Key Marketing Success Metric to Analyze Your Business?
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Now that marketers and business people have entered the age of “Big Data,” new terminology is being used to evaluate what is considered a successful marketing campaign.  Before we were able to trac…

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Learn about Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) and using it to figure out how much you’re making for every dollar you spend on your marketing campaigns.

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Agile: What Marketers Can Learn From Software Developers

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Marketing Strategy - Like agile software development, agile marketing relies on speed, lots of communication, rapid iteration, and highly measurable results. Let’s take a closer look at this emerging discipline.

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